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Draperstown Under 16's
Match report #4
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Limavady 4-1 Draperstown U16

Starting line-up (4-4-2) : JP McConnell, Kevin McCullagh, Cathal McKenna, Darren McKillion (C), Andy Burns, Chris O'Kane, Gavin O'Kane, Cathal Donnelly, Gary Conway, Sean Kennedy, Gavin Bradley

Subs: Mark O'Kane, Seamus McFlynn, Seamus Dobbs, Connor McKenna.

Draperstown won the coin toss and decided not to take the kick-off, so Limavady got the game underway. The 1st ten minutes were pretty even, with Draperstown playing very deeply and Limavady attacking with gusto. It seemed, however that the Draperstown defence could cope quite fine.

Soon after, a long ball found the arms of the Draperstown keeper. G Conway, about 25 yards out of his own box, called for the ball. However, when the ball was thrown to him, he did not attack the ball, instead waiting on it. An eagle-eyed Limavady striker noticed this and got to the ball before Conway had a chance to control it. Once he had it, the Limavady striker had an open net to roll the ball into. Not 10 minutes gone and already it was one nil.

Draperstown tried to get into the match after this, but failed miserably. They mounted many attacks, however, when they broke down, Limavadys counter attacks left the defence on their own with numerous midfielders from the home side supporting their attackers and no Draperstown midfield support to be found. It was from one of these that Limavady capitalised and doubled their lead. Draperstown looked as if they may well get hammered.

Some how though, they managed to only concede one more goal before half time. A long ball over the head of the freakishly humungous Burns left McKillion with two men to mark inside the penalty area. A deft flick on from one striker to the other left McKillion totally out of position and once more, the Limavady striker disposed the ball into the net with McConnell helpless.

McCullagh then decided to attempt to get confidence back up on his own, going on a mazy, pitch long run, taking the ball around 3 or 4 players, but the run ended with no goal.

Half-time came not soon enough for the Draperstown lads and even though they were playing terribly, the Draperstown management team decided not to make any changes just yet.

The 2nd half started of better, with Draperstown looking a little dangerous for the 1st time in the match. The midfield also started to help out in defence, given them a solid look. A positional switch, with Kennedy going out wide and C O'Kane moving up front was looking like an inspirated switch with Kennedy in particular geling in well to his new placing on the field. Donnelly also, although lacking height, had several good headed clearances from corners.

However, changes were needed and C O'Kane made way for S McGuigan and C McKenna was subbed for C Conway. This meant a change of formation, with the team reverted from the tried and tested 4-4-2 for the 1st time in their short existance, instead plumping for a more attack minded 3-5-2. Although it was more attacking, it seemed to help to strengthen the defence as well, who now looked like nothing could get past them.

From a harmless Limavady came the break through Draperstown were looking for. Receiving the ball in his own box, McKillion hit a high, vicious ball out, into the opposition penalty area. It bamboozled two of their defenders and fell kindly for the conspicious Bradley. Sensing the keeper off his line, Bradley instantly hit a delicious lob over the head of the keeper right into the top right hand corner of the net.

Still with 20 minutes to go, the away side sensed perhaps a comeback was not beyond them. For the following 10 minutes they playing free flowing, inticing football which created many chances which just could not be converted.

Then came the sucker punch. McKillion misjudged a ball poorly in his box, and chested it straight to an opponent on the edge of the box. Hoping to make ammends, McKillion tracked the man, who tried a shot. The ball however found the hand of McKillion instead. The referee wasted no time in awarding a penalty and rightly so.

The Limavady player converted the penalty with ease. Draperstown never recovered from this and when the final whistle blew they were under more pressure again.

A disappoiting match which will surely end any chances Draperstown lads had in the league cup. However, the real goal is the league which the boys will be concentrating on here on in.