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Draperstown Under 16's
Match Report #3
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Draperstown U16 0-1 Coleraine Heights

Starting line-up: Mark O'Kane, Kevin McCullagh, Andy Burns, Darren McKillion (C), Cathal McKenna, Gavin Kelly, Cathal Donnelly, Christopher O'Kane, Philip McGlade, Gavin O'Kane, Sean Kennedy

Subs: Connor McKenna, Seamus Dobbs, Patrick McCullagh, Mark McKenna.

Draperstown kicked off the match and for the 1st 10 mins were pinned back a bit in their own half. The Coleraine forwards however, were marked very well and were unable to get any shots on target. This lead to problems however as the Draperstown midfield was significantly smaller than the visitors one and most of the kick outs came staright back into the home sides defence.

After this Draperstown gradually came into the match more and more and on one occasion, after a great flowing counter attack which set Cathal Donnelly free with a clear view of the nets. Running on into the penalty area, Donnelly unfortunately scuffed his shot, dragging it just wide of the net.

After this, play went back and forward until the end of the half.

In the 2nd half, Coleraine changed to a 4-3-3 formation and looked more dangerous. However, the Draperstown defence was more than able to deal with this.

D'Town looked very dangerous on the counter attack, but Coleraine were winning more and more corners.

Draperstown then hade a few more chances to score but were unable to take them.

Soon after, Draperstown were let off the hook, when Kevin McCullagh did an excellant goal line headed clearance. However, the warning signs were flashing like a mad flashing warning sign.

Then in the last few minutes, Coleraine won a corner and hit a short pass, which was curled low and near the byline. Several players missed it and it bounced up. Then a Coleraine player jumped in and knocked it into the net. Some players claimed it was from the hand, but the referee said it was a chest and so the goal stood.

The match ended soon after with the score at 1-0, an unfair results to the Draperstown lads who deserved a draw at the very least.